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Scoreboards FAQ

How to easy Add Scoreboards to Pro Evolution Soccer ;-)

Scoreboards FAQ:

1)  What folder to copy the scoreboard files?
To folder “dt06.img” in kitserver 13.

2)  Is scoreboard works with any patch?
Yes, All Scoreboards works with all patches.

3)  I do not see TV logos. What to do?
First, check on what resolution you play (4-3 or 16-9--Open settings.exe with PES 2013 folder and set the desired resolution). Then copy the files to a dt06.img folder in kitserver. Earlier delete old files from dt06.img folder in kitserver.

4)  What to do if you do not have a folder dt06.img in kitserver?
Right mouse button-->New Folder -->dt06.img-->Enter J

5)  How do I remove unwanted texture with scoreboard?
It is very simple. You can edit files with scoreboard. Download and extract PES Ultimate Data Explorer. Then open this tool and open unnamed_292.bin or unnamed_294.bin,  save as PNG 32.bits and edit with graphic program, ex. Photoshop.

6)  How to remove the scoreboard replay?
Open folder dt06.img and delete files: unnamed_1433.bin, unnamed_1434.bin, unnamed_1437.bin and unnamed_1438.bin.

A List of colors on the Scoreboard [PES UDE 2013 strings]:

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