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[PES 2014] DEMO Download and Instructions!

PES2014 Demo Console version seems downloadable via PSN now, just turn on your PS3 and check it out.

So there's no PES2015's demo in PS3 next year cause this year, it was leaked ???

Download PES2014 Demo - PS3 (torrent):

How to play on PS3?
- Download & extract : TrueAncestor PKG Creator

- Move folder "NPEB90515" to "TrueAncestor_PKG_Creator_v1.0\pkg\"

- Run : "creator.exe"

- Follow step : press 1 -> enter -> 1 -> enter -> 1 -> enter -> enter
- Wait few minutes till it finishs
- Copy created file "EP9000-NPEB90515_00-.......................pkg"

in folder "pkg" to your PS3

Source: http://jenkey1002.blogspot.com/

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